Sell Out Single Release and LP Details!


Today I am finally releasing the first self-titled single from the “Sell Out” LP. It’s a noisy one! You can hear it below. \m/

Sell Out

(1st Verse)
Play the same lame shit.
If the kids aren’t bored of it.
Losers still pretend.
Play the radio friendly blend.

(2nd Verse)
Here we go again.
Bored to death let’s all join in.
Poseurs still pretend.
Sell the radio friendly blend.

(Pre Chorus)
Hello where did you go?
How did you sink so low?
Why did it all become about the money?

He’s the one that sold his soul.
He sold the heart of rock & roll.
He turned his back on us for all the pretty things.
You sell out motherfucker…

He sold his heart he sold his soul.
He sold out all of his control.
To serve his corporate masters.
Pretend to please the masses. (It fills my heart with sadness.)

You sold out!!! x3
You motherfucker!

You lie!

Ok……Ears ringing yet? Good I did my job well. On to the LP details.

There are 10 tracks on the Sell Out LP. Here are the titles.

  1. Sell Out
  2. Fad
  3. Lame
  4. Everyday
  5. Floor Tom(Hip Song)
  6. Wonderful Somewhere
  7. Musician Actor
  8. Fuck You
  9. T-symmetry
  10. Gone

The good news is all of the music is recorded. The bad news is I have yet to record vocals for the other 9 tracks. I’ve decided that instead of waiting to record and mix and master the remaining 9 tracks to release the LP, I’ll go ahead and finish them one at a time in order and release them.

I feel like this way will be better otherwise it may be 6 months due to my limited time to work on music before I can release another track. That being said, look for another track or two before the end of the year.

Fad should be next, it’s a little bit Helmet and a little bit Jimmy Eat World. Sounds weird I know but it’s probably the best song on the album. Until then! \m/


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